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I'm Marissa. I was born and raised in Rhode Island on the east coast of the the US. I got my first experience of South Africa in 2009 and returned in 2012. Cape Town has now also become my home - I now spend time in the US and SA each year and love my home base in Hout Bay where I live with my wonderful husband. 


I love to travel, meet new people, cook, eat, hike, run, crochet, and teach and practice AcroYoga.


I bring a diverse background to the coaching space, combining life and health coaching training and experience with nearly a decade of mentoring and coaching work with adolescents, and nearly two decades of experience in customer and client support and people and project management.


I am passionate about supporting teens through this powerful and influential time of development, helping them embrace their unique superpowers, overcome obstacles, build resilience and take more confident steps towards their future. 

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My Why for Teen Coaching

Life is a real journey and adventure. We are all learning every day how to be in the world. For teens, this can feel pretty daunting some days, and lonely.  And teens can often be misunderstood, just for simply being and doing things the way they are biologically and physiologically built to do them. 


I want to help teens navigate this time and harness their incredible power to help make friends with their mental foes, shift through self-sabotage, get energized, reduce stress, embrace their superpowers, listen to their bodies, love their minds, and to truly enjoy their lives.


I bring an open ear, a compassionate heart and years of experience to guide and support as a coach and a mentor. To work with each coachee – by your side – and to have fun and enjoy the experience of developing and enhancing truly healthy, simple, and sustainable approaches to life, dreams and goals, relationships, and an empowered future.

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