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Empowering teens and young people 

 to develop and build
resilience, confidence and independence

Teen Empowerment Coaching

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Have you ever been trying to figure some aspect of your life out and found that you actually already have the answer you have been searching for?

Each and every one of us carries our own inner wisdom and knowing. We actually know ourselves quite well beneath all the noise, if we are prepared to listen. Often we just need to be heard, and to hear ourselves talk through what we are experiencing and feeling.

Coaching sessions create a safe and open space to speak out and talk through struggles, issues, challenges and experiences as well as big and small wins and successes!


Having clear action steps, agreements and check-ins helps ensure progress.


We work with progress, not perfection, and on finding the tools and actions that work best for you so that you can take the steps to move in the direction of your bright and beautiful future.


You are on your individual journey. Learning what you need to learn the way you need to learn it.


My role is not to judge or determine what is right or wrong in the decisions you make or have made, but to reflect what you share, and help open your view to the various options and opportunities. To help you to better understand the possible outcomes of the choices you make and help you take accountability, action and steps forward from where you are to where you want to be. And, to cheer you on and celebrate those steps with you along the way!

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